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SafeSkills® workshops cover verbal, physical, and psychological self-defense against the most common types of assaults. The skills we teach do not require great size or strength. People of all fitness levels, age, and body types can learn these practical and valuable skills in a SafeSkills® workshop.

Sometimes people are afraid to attend a self-defense class, thinking they will learn throwing or other complicated techniques. The SafeSkills® instructors' approach is different. Our supportive atmosphere with a team teaching approach makes these skills accessible.

Please visit our Self Defense FAQ page for more details or read the latest in a series of self-defense articles by Kathy Hopwood - "Safety Tips or Behavior Rules" - on our News page.

If you are looking for a practical and sensitive approach to self-protection training, join us on
September 12, 2015 for a powerful workshop that is informative, dynamic and fun!

SafeSkills® basic self-defense workshops are taught, open to the public, four times a year at our training center. All workshops have limited enrollment and pre-registration is required to ensure your spot. We also offer periodic classes on armed assailants, multiple attackers and other specialized topics.

Private Lessons

SafeSkills® also offers private lessons in self-defense. These individualized sessions are perfect for someone with a special area of concern such as self-protection while traveling for business or children facing bullying. Lessons can be on-going or just a few sessions. Each lesson is designed so you gain the skills and information specific to your needs. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Programs for Corporations, Universities, Agencies, and Organizations

SafeSkills® will tailor an on-site program specific to the needs of your business, agency, group or university. For additional information contact us or visit the Corporate Programs page of our website.

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Self Defense for Women & Teen Girls
When Saturday, September 12 - 1:00-5:00pm
Who women and teen girls ages 13 & up

SafeSkills® self defense workshops introduce you to the concepts of handling threatening or violent situations with simple, easy to learn strategies and techniques.

 Great workshop! Tons of accurate information that my teen daughter needed to hear and ask questions about. I found it to be both fun and very determined training.
Laura S

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 You taught such useful skills! I am a runner and most people tell you to always run with a friend or just don’t run. But I want to LIVE my life so this has helped me be so much more to be safe as I do live my life.
Carla T

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 This was even better than the first time I took the workshop. I love the real life stories. I love the practice of techniques – both verbal & physical. You teach from the Heart! Thank You!
Sally V

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 I now understand that my power comes from “within” myself. That is real power for rape survivor!
Chris J

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 I now know that I have the right to assert myself and to leave if I am uncomfortable even if it is in an interaction with a friend.
Zah L

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 I thoroughly enjoyed this class and would definitely do it again. It changed my whole outlook on my safety and my own “good girl syndrome”. Empowering!
Sharon W

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 In the workshop, I remembered situations that I’ve experienced. These were “close calls” since I somehow managed to get away. You were talking about “changing the outcome of an attack” which made me realize I could be more pro-active and powerful in my life. That had a strong validating resonance.
Liz K

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